Infographic: 12 Leading Causes of Eye Bags & You Better Know Why


Are you looking into the mirror to see how often your eye bags appear or those bulges are staying under your eyes like forever?

Have you ever wonder what causes eyebags?

People are combating the same under eye bags issue every day.
But … the problem is, not all of the eye bags issues come from the same cause.

Bags under eyes are actually a significant sign reflected from our body. Click To Tweet

In other word it is closely related to your habits, diet, health condition and heredity.

How to remove eye bags fast?

You can only tackle your eye bags issue effectively once you learn the root causes and make an adjustment from there.

Here are the 12 leading causes of eye bags … which one could be yours?

12 Leading Causes of eyebags Infographic

Read on to learn how these 12 factors lead to eye bags.[/fusion_text]

1. One of The Main Causes of Eye Bags is None Other than AGING.


sign of aging cause eye bagsElderly people generally develop eye bags due to the process of aging.

According to Dr. Brian Glatt, board certified plastic surgeon in Morristown, NJ,

“These occur as a consequence of aging. Over time, the “sling” holding them in becomes more loose, allowing the fat pockets to “poof” outwards. A lack of sleep, stress, smoking, and excessive sun exposure can all contribute to making them worse.”

It often starts when thinning of membrane weakens supporting muscles of fatty tissues which confined to upper and lower eyelids area.

As this tissue structure weakens and can no longer hold back the fatty tissues, these fats begin to push forward and fill up the spaces below eye area.

Skin may start to sag as it loses its elasticity and form bulges or bags under the eyes.

It is stated in that…

“Lower eyelids actually get fatter as we age, while the rest of the face gets thinner.”

2. Another Cause of Eyebags : Excessive Fluid Accumulation (Edema)

These fluids tend to pooled at the space below the eyes via gravity force, causing the thinnest skin under the eyes to swells up prominently and becomes puffy.

So, if you are wondering why fluid retained below the eyes at the first place?

Keep reading.

3. The #1 Factor that Contribute to Fluid Retention: Over-consumption of Salt in Your Diet.

When you consume TOO much of salty food, salt is transferred into your kidney and any excessive salt which could not be absorbed is sent up to the eyes area.

Sodium in salt tends to ATTRACT water and retained it under the eyes. Click To Tweet

Over a period of time, this fluid accumulated under the eyes will cause the delicate tissue to stretch out permanently, leading to sagging as it slowly loses its elasticity, causing eye bags.

4. Lack of Sleep is Another Culprit Causes Eye Bags

lack of sleep causes eye bags

Eye bags that remain throughout the day are a sign of insufficient sleep. It is different from the puffy eyes we get in the morning after waking up.

So how does lack of sleep causes eye bags?

This is how it happens…

Sinus cavities located below the eyes help to filter bacteria and dirt will drain while sleeping.

Draining process will NOT be able to complete when you are lack of sleep which then causes eye bags. Click To Tweet

5. How Slow Circulatory System while Sleeping Can Actually Encourages Fluid Retention?


slow circulatory system causes eye bagsWhen we are sleeping, the body circulatory system is at a slower pace, meaning that it’s slower in flushing out the excess fluid accumulated below the eyes.

This causes you to wake up with puffy eyes and it is absolutely NORMAL.

Here’s the good news!

These bags under eye will slowly disappear in an hour or so after you are awake since the circulatory system is now working in a faster pace.

Any remaining fluids below the eyes will eventually flushed out or try some eye bags treatment to help reduce fluid retention.

6. Beware! If You have Allergies or Dermatitis

Our body reacts with allergens by releasing histamine that brings adverse effects to the tissue causing leaks in capillary under the skin.

Fluid will be trapped and the affected area becomes very sensitive and swollen.

It’s good to know…

Swelling caused by allergic reaction may not only affect the under eye area but also swelling of skin around the eyes or face.

7. Cure Your Sinus Problems to Better Ease Your Eye Bags


Allergy and Nasal Problem cause eye bagsIf you are wondering why your eye bags reappear whenever you have sinus problems, here’s an easy explanation.

Sinus inflammation occurs when the sinus is infected, blocked with mucus, bacteria and dirt from the air as the cavities are unable to filter out these waste through mucous drainage.

Sinus will become swollen and it affects the blood flows in capillaries around the under eyes area and nasal cavities causing blood vessels to swell.

Repetition of shrinking and swelling of this delicate tissue irritates your eyes, causing eye bags.

8. Recall How Much Water You Drink A Day… Are Your Skin Dehydrated?

Drink plenty of water avoid eye bag

Drinking not enough of water, over consumption of alcohols or caffeine can lead to dehydration.

Your skin will become dry when the body is dehydrated especially frail tissue below the eyes.

Here’s the IMPACT of dehydration that your delicate skin can’t afford to take:

Under eye tissues will lose its elasticity and weaken, causing eye bags easily.

As a respond to dehydration, your body will tend to store up more fluid.

That is why you will find bulges below the eyes as fluid is accumulated in this area.

9. Crying… Another Cause of Eye Bags

Crying cause eye bagsCrying can lead to fluid retention as tears are flowing out, some will be absorbed back.

When you are crying, more blood will flow to the face and eyes causing blood vessels to be swollen.

As you can expect, fluid retention together with swollen blood vessels cause eye bags after crying that you definitely wouldn’t want.

But… not to worry too much as these eye bags are just temporary.

10. It’s in Your Gene! But There is Something You Can Do…

According to Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, fellowship-trained dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon and professor of dermatology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine,

The most common cause for sagging eyelids is genetics. By looking at your parents you will have a good indicator on whether or not you’ll develop large fat pads.

Some people are born with traits of having eyebags due to geneticSome people are born with the traits of puffy eyes or baggy eyes INHERITED from their parents.

In this case the bags under eyes have nothing to do with fluid retention or aging.

So, what can you do about it?

With the advance technology today, numerous techniques including cosmetic products, eye cream, laser surfacing, eye bags surgery, and chemical peels may help to eliminate under eye bags.

11. Blame Your Hormones!

hormones cause eye bagsHormonal changes in the body occurs during pregnancy, menopause and before menstruation.

Now the question is..  How this change causes eye bags?

Well, to make it simple…

Whenever hormone level fluctuates, it affects the water balancing system in the body causing MORE fluid to be stored under the eye area.

That is why bags are formed as water are pooled under eyes.

12. Other Causes that Might be The Sign of Certain Hidden Diseases

Last but not least, there are still a few more causes of under eye bags NOT to be missed.

  • Infections or Inflammation
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Kidney Problems

According to Joel Schlessinger MD, FAAD, FAACS Board Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon,

“Puffiness related to kidney problems often appears around the entire eye area, not just under the eyes. There may also be swelling in other areas of the body like the ankles or fingers.

If you’re seeing puffiness throughout the body, it’s a good idea to see your physician to rule out kidney problems.”

Consult a doctor if your eye bags condition is getting worse as this might be the sign of underlying medical issue.

Now you know what causes your eye bags. Want to know the SECRETS on how to remove eye bags?

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